Long term rental

Long term rental - an attractive way to acquire and operate a car, but letting us handle all managing worries. Cars for modern companies are not just a transport, but also everyday working tool. After signing the long term rental contract, You no longer have to worry about car insurance, technical inspection and repair. You won't have to face difficulties in selling the car when the long term rental ends.

Our cars for rent are presented with all relevant documents, we will provide them with full insurance, represent You and help You dealing with insurance cases on the road and filling the documents as insurance company requires. Also organize car maintenance and repair in our chosen service center.

You just need to choose a new or used car from our list and enjoy quality driving.

Benefits of long term rental:

  • avoid depreciation of cars accounting;

  • rental can be transcribed as company expenses;

  • paying a fixed rental fee, You can plan a car costs up to 48 month;

  • we will take care of technical maintenance, repair and all matters relating to insurance ;

  • You won't need a new employee for taking care of everything;

  • all Your attention can be spent on work not wasting time and energy on car maintenance.


Your rental price includes:

  • car registration and technical inspection;

  • security system installation;

  • dealing with insurance contracts;

  • managing insurance cases;

  • periodic car maintenance;

  • repair;

  • provision and storage of tires.

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